A Toddler Playroom

I am not exaggerating when I say that this loft space at the top of stairs (which also seperates the kids rooms from the master) is the reason we bought this house. We toured other floorplans that had 5 FIVE 5 !? bedrooms upstairs instead of 4 and this loft space. I am so glad we stuck with the loft space. I love it. I can't wait to see the ways in which it grows as Lyla grows. It's already so different than when we moved in! 

The previous owners had older girls and had converted it to a study space:

loft before.jpg

I wanted it to be a play space that had "zones" for play and I think we have accomplished that. We've also dumped these two black bean bag chairs for LB and I to hang out on. We sit on them everynight. I like that they are down on the floor with her, but can see us eventually putting a cozy couch and desks up here. 


I had grand visions of having a super cute play kitchen in here, but then our neighbor was selling their play kitchen for $10 with all of the food and so I pounced. It's ugly and we will have it until our kids are much older I am sure. Whatever. 

Her table is already covered in coloring and I am totally ok with that. Better the table than the wall! 


That hilarious minnie mouse was gift from our next door neighbor... it's enormous. On the bookshelf Lyla is sporting: a dump truck, an owl that she can pull, a drum, her bead set, a Moana doll, her Eric Carle blocks, a goodwill find of a globe that she loves, and 9 bazillion books. I also cannot get rid of that garden thing-- I have tried to put it away like 3 times and Lyla always comes out and says: "Where is my house?"

In the two bins that flank Minnie Mouse, we have one dedicated to stuffed animals and the other, most recently is her dress up box. She has found the tutus people. 


This hilarious rocking chair was a free find on the Nextdoor app and that Urban Outfitters storage guy remains one of my favorite things in the house... even if it isn't used as much as I would like currently. She also isn't as into the tent as I thought she would be, but occassionally will request that we read books in there. 


LB's parents made that sweet sign for Lyla's artwork and I made that Mumford quote years ago on a thrifted canvas. 


I was going to try to link a lot of things in the loft space as I was writing, but instead will just dump them down here for now. If you have questions on where something is from, just ask! And I am SURE my mom brain will remember. ;)