Mastering the Master... Finally.

It has taken us a good long while to pull our master bedroom together. A good long while. I told LB eons ago that either we build a headboard or buy one with the intention always to be that we would DIY one.  Wayfair, however, had other plans. I get their daily deals emails and always peruse them to see if there are any good ideas when I spotted the most perfect headboard for $170 (for a King). As a reminder, our master bedroom has gone from this


To this...

master bed

To this...


And now this!


You can't really tell from this angle how off center the window is and how much that drives me ABSOLUTELY BATTY, but below... you totally can. The pipe dream sort of idea is to take this window out and get a long skinny more modern one put higher and centered along the wall. This could not be further down the priority list (until you look at the picture below too much. Then, magically, it becomes a I MUST DO THIS RIGHT NOW type of situation).


Regardless, it really pulls the room together just like the Dude's rug.


We only have one thing left to do in here decor-wise: something with the opposite wall. The options currently are a giant canvas print or a wall mounted TV. Lately I've been having visions of laying in bed and watching TV with my honey. Don't tell him I said I was even considering it.

This is the view from our bed:


Our list from the master bedroom now looks like this:

  • Paint… well re-paint. We are currently using this picture for inspiration of where we want the master to go.
  • Get dresser
  • New sheets and comforter. Half-done because I am not a huge fan of the sheets LB got and I want the whole thing to be white
  • Make headboard
  • Get matching side tables and lamps
  • Crown Molding
  • Art for wall opposite bed or TV?
  • Rug
  • Curtains


So, cast your vote: canvas art or TV?