A Mind Like an Elephant...

Or a gnat. Or whatever it is that forgets stuff all the time and everyone thinks it is OK. I was about to publish the Christmas pictures that I took of Avery, when I realized that I hadn't yet shared the family pictures I took of Avery + Alan & Sam. So, with a 3 month delay, and the whole delayed gratification is better thing, here are their pictures. :) She is SO. Dang. GROWN. UP! I look at this picture and can see her as a teenager... it scares the living daylights out of me.


And that headband!? I die. IMG_2840 IMG_2879

Chocolate face and everything. This kid likes sweets more than any other kid I know. IMG_2887 IMG_2888

Adorb family. IMG_2893 IMG_2906 IMG_2910 IMG_2932 IMG_2981 IMG_2985 IMG_2988

Warning: I was clearly loving the coordinating bright pants color thing happening in these photos. So when you ask what happened to their heads I just say: "THE PANTS Y'ALL!"IMG_3048 IMG_3057 IMG_3062 IMG_3072 IMG_3091 IMG_3104

I am obsessed with Avery's face in this one. Love that little peanut's mischievous personality for days. IMG_3106

So there ya have it-- my second ever family shoot for friends. It is pretty cool that I can feel myself improving every day that I pick up the camera. I am so grateful that I finally just dived in and bought the camera and got to shooting in manual. Knowing I can adequately capture something is just plain awesome.