Giveaway!!! Miss Money Bags!!!

The Giveaway is now closed! And we have a winner: number one, Stephanie Powell who said: "I like miss moneybags circles! all are cute, but thats my favorite. I Really need one of these. Recently started using just cash-no more card! I found I spend less money this way." Congrats!

I have been stalking Miss Money Bags' wallets for about a year. Basically, as soon as we started FPU. I love how her wallets incorporate form and function. Sarah, the brains behind the business, decided to share the story of her business with us AND to give one of her wallets away. All you envelope budgeters: you want this. You need this. You need to start spending cash again instead of putting it all on cards.

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Miss Money Bags' Story

"We are a family of makers. It's who we our blood. Our grandparents made our toys and quilts, our mom made our pajamas, and we fell asleep in beds our dad made.

That's what's happened to me, Sarah Clark.  Hi there.  I make wallets and bags while raising my four kids with my tall, dark and handsome husband.  He makes things, too.  More on that in a bit.


My parents started on Dave Ramsey a few years ago.  Money was always a pretty big battle growing up in our home. I was so proud of them, how with focus and sacrifices, they conquered their debt.  My mom is a cute lady.  She put that aside for a while and used this unattractive, but highly functional cash envelope wallet.  I knew I could make her a better one.  I could see the wallet in my mind.  The mind wallet was a form of defense, really, so I did not have to see her wallet anymore. Bad.

My mom wasn't the only one. I had seen a few friends who needed to boot their awful plastic accordion, too. I went to work, you know, for the good of the cute yet smart ladies of this world on a mission to live debt free.  I found an online tutorial and made my first envelope wallet out of some pretty scraps.  I tweaked it quite a bit, and went in for the kill.  I bought the perfect fabric, cut it up along with a canvas drop cloth I'd been saving.  Walaaa.. The MissMoneyBags cash envelope wallet was born.

It was perfect! My mom loved it, my friends loved it, I made one for myself.  Everywhere I went people would comment on it, and I got tons of orders.  Handmade, artsy, organic, durable, fun, functional, the list goes on and on. It's been three years with MissMoneyBags and they have been good!  I have customers who say they cannot budget without it. I know I can't.  This pretty wallet keeps me focused and motivated to make my cash mind!

Now my husband, Peter, and I are working on our new brand, Kith & Kin.  Kith & kin is an old folk phrase meaning friends and family.  He makes furniture and I'm making bags.  (We went to NYC this spring to feature his furniture in the architecture Digest Design Home Show.  Swanky! ) I love that we started out with MissMoneyBags.  We are debt free, are running our business debt free, learning to create, market, and go the pace that funds allow.  We'd love to share our handmade work with you!"

She describes her wallets...

Designer fabric and durable canvas make this wallet super practical as well as fun. Perfect for you, the frugal fashionista! The front flap has a pocket and six card pockets, then four envelopes, and the back flap has a pocket and pen holder. The envelopes have a canvas label ready for you to assign with a name. The last envelope zips to close keeping your change and cell phone tucked in perfectly.

The Giveaway!!!

Sarah is kindly giving away her Mermaid wallet to the lucky winner.


















PRIZE : (1) Blue Mermaid Wallet made by Sarah of MissMoneyBags NUMBER OF WINNERS : (1) One TO ENTER : Enter by commenting on this post with your favorite wallet style from MissMoneyBags. (i.e., I LOVE the retro wallet!) The winner will then be chosen by PRIZE SHIPS : Only to the US. NITTY GRITTY : This giveaway closes on Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 5pm MST. Only one contest entry per email address. The winner will be chosen by and will be announced in an update to this post the following Monday morning. We will email the winner directly, so please make sure you use your regular everyday email address when commenting. ***Discount for everyone: 10% off your order from MissMoneyBags! – code: HOB (Code expires November 30, 2014)