BeMeCustom's Queen B Bag

If you have no idea what Queen B refers to, I have an assignment for you this weekend. Turn on your TV and get to Netflix. Go to search and type in Gossip Girl. Then, observe. THE Queen B in all her glory. Annnnnnyway, this might be my second favorite thing that Katie and I have ever put together. The first was my wedding.  

The Queen B Tote


Also, you OBVIOUSLY don't have to have the letter B on yours (take a WILD guess why this one has a B on it). What's more? In the next few weeks this tote is going to get all sorts of fun things: dots, chevron, three letters!? The good news for all of you is that I am nerding out so hard over this tote that I have updated our shop page so that now you can see a few more of the things that we are working on. Come visit us... the holidays are quickly approaching and I know a certain sister of mine who is going to be getting a hilarious shirt or tote or two from yours truly.

**Thank you cards are coming shortly you Queen B's you! :)