Everything is Not Always Pretty in Blogland

My dearest friend at work is pregnant. She's freshly out of her first trimester and walked into work today wearing the most adorable jersey knit dress (from Macy's), black leggings, and black flats. Her little bump is making her look skinnier. You read that right... skinnier. She looks adorable and, frankly, it's annoying. Now let me tell you about my outfit today: striped linen pants that I bought in Australia in 2005 (not a fake year; for real. It was 2005), a baggy crocheted sweater, a spring colored scarf because I grabbed it in the dark, boring brown flats and a blue sling. Now if that wasn't enough to get you excited about the disaster that is happening over here, this will for sure: I still can't raise my right arm over my head, so I can't really put my hair in a pony tail. I kind of crouch over and lean to get my hand sort of up there. I got it in a pony tail last night before bed and WALKED OUT THE DOOR WITHOUT TRYING TO TOUCH THE TOP OF MY HEAD AGAIN. This, ladies and gents, is the result:

hot mess

This isn't about comparing yourself to other women. It's not even about fashion at all. It's just this simple message that I have for you today: you win some, you lose some.