Skipper Has an Announcement... And a Photography Tip

Not really. I have an announcement, but I wanted to share this hilarious video of Skipper with you... click that Skip link below and prepare to laugh at my food obsessed dog. Skip


I am having surgery tomorrow for my shoulder. I am nervous about said surgery. More so, I am nervous about the recovery. I don't like to be lazy... at all. Peek once said that I never have an unproductive thought... like ever.  While I don't know if that is totally true, I definitely like to get things accomplished and not being able to do those things DRIVES ME CRAZY.

This surgery is, however, once again reminding me how great my people are who are going to be pitching in to take care of me next week. As for House of Bennetts fans, this little beat up lady is gonna be taking a blog break for a week or so while I recover.

What Are We Supposed to Do!?

Take this time to leave me notes telling me how much you'll miss the blog for a week. Better yet, get working on those gratitude challenge pictures! Scroll back through all of the posts I have done on photography and see that practicing really does make you better. I did a photo shoot for my Sammie's family this weekend and got some of the categories knocked off post-haste. Doing so reminded me to make you guys a handy printable list of the gratitude photo challenge days! In JPEG and ...


PDF form: Gratitude Challenge

Also, here is your photography tip of the day: the three biggies I've talked about (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO) are really like a triangle... an exposure triangle if you will. When you adjust one, you are impacting the other in some way. The whole basic goal with photography is that darn light meter on your camera. These three things affect how much light goes into your camera/your picture.

HEY, here's a handy-dandy CUTE pin that says the same thing!

photo tip 1

Enjoy this first week of October... soak up all the pumpkin colored loving floating around. You've earned it.