Meet Ella {Baby Photos}

Some friends of mine were in a pickle: they have an adorable baby and want to have someone take baby photos of her every day all the time, but can't because 1) money and 2) that would make you a Kardashian. So, they BRAVELY asked if I would meet them at Wash Park and take some pictures of their sweet Ella. I was INCREDIBLY nervous to do this, but am pretty proud of my amateur results. I also have discovered a light diffuser. HOLY SNAP. If you aren't using one of these, you have messed up in life or are way luckier with light than I am. In almost every one of these shots, someone was holding a light diffuser because it was direct sunlight everywhere we went. Hence why I didn't get a ton of great shots with all three of them. (I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD WANT CLOUDS!). So a huge thank you to Stacey for letting me borrow hers: it is my next blow money purchase from Amazon. Finally, I fully acknowledge that these pictures are only acceptable because Ella is the cutest little cute pumpkin.  She is also hilarious.

This face makes me laugh so hard.

baby photos

Who me?


Adorable matching smile faces.


Up we go!


Na na na boo boo. I am cuter than you-who. (See: direct light, no light diffuser, shadows, womp womp).


A little girl on a big bench. Adorable.


Easily my new best picture I have ever taken:


This FACE!


Six months and already prepared to conquer the world... barefoot and with a little help from the parentals.


Thanks for letting me hang out with Ms. Ella you guys!