Monday Musings 003

My girl Taylor Swift is in the press a lot lately. Calvin, Tom, Kanye, and Katy. Oye. So ready for her new album to come out so we can focus back on her music. You know, the things that really matter.

Gorgeous, $20 cutting board holder for the pretty wood ones we have accumulated. Ordered. 

We went with Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore for the first floor of our house and Thunder by Benjamin Moore for the dining room. In Lyla's room I did Decorators White on one wall and Tidewater by Sherwin Williams on the other three walls. Pictures and posts coming soon-ish. 

Found this today. Bought it today. Lists made easy. 

We have now spent two weekends moving and we are done. We are out of the old house and into the new one and I can't explain how beat up my body is. How tired my brain is. And how many walls I have run into (this is literal. I have the bruises to prove it). 

Sometimes you just need to rock an old school alarm clock with a modern twist. No more phones in the bed. (Monkeys either). LOL. I had to. 

My goal is to tackle the car seat buying guide from baby cubby this next week. Stroller arrived last weekend!

This kitchen from the Makerista is heart eyes emoji pretty. 

Here is a video from our first day at the house... you know. Ripping it apart. 

I love this wall organization/cube thing. So long as the plant is fake #blackthumbproblems. 


Monday Musings 002

Watched The Nice Guys with LB and laughed my butt off. Totally a rated R situation, but the little actress in it, Angourie Rice, is crazy talented. 

This fun rocker for the playroom remains on my wish list for the new house. So cute. 

I finished I woke up dead at the mall and it was great. Totally and completely great. Basically read it in a day. Up next are these three: One True Loves, What She Knew, and The Bed Moved

Began watching UnReal on Lifetime and it is binge-worthy goodness... especially as a diehard Bachelor/Bachelorette fan.

Speaking of binging, maybe don't freak out just yet about what is being called the "Netflix ruling." Netflix CEO has previously said that password sharing isn't a problem for them. Also, can you imagine the resources that Netflix would have to expend in order to enforce no password sharing?!? Nightmare. 

I love all things Umbra... case in point: Modern jewelry box and practical, beautiful storage. ZING!

Do you have a friend who washes out their ziplock bags and reuses them? Get them these instead. Brilliant. 

Good to keep in mind before you head to Ikea to furnish your house with your significant other. Be sure to avoid the "divorce maker!" LOL

I've been doing a big of research into grasscloth wallpaper (I have a vision for the formal dining room that we are making into a bar room and I will not be stopped). This article made me more confused than ever on the "should I hire this out" debate. 

A puzzle mixed with a piece of art?!? Adorb.