Belle is 6 Months!

This little peanut who was born mere days before my wedding is now 6 months old! I knew that Peek was going to want to get some 6 month photos of Belle and so for Christmas that was one of her gifts. We made good on that little present this weekend when I went to their casa and scored these most precious of pictures of this most precious, happy, and delicious baby-kins. (PS: Her dad, Adam, is my most favorite Chef in the world and his restaurant was just voted the most romantic place for a meal in Denver. GO to Bistro Vendome and see Adam y'all.)

Oh, and I shot this whole thing with my Cannon and my 50mm lens on manual. The ISO was primarily between 400-800 inside and then 100 outside on this 70 degree February day.

Love you peanuts!

IMG_4405 IMG_4434 IMG_4444 IMG_4452 IMG_4453 IMG_4459 IMG_4465 IMG_4496 IMG_4498 IMG_4501 IMG_4508 IMG_4518 IMG_4545 IMG_4547 IMG_4600 IMG_4611 IMG_4646 IMG_4667 IMG_4683 IMG_4581IMG_4705 IMG_4716 IMG_4735 IMG_4761 IMG_4777



Final Installment of Wedding Photos

The other two series of photos covered the getting ready and ceremony phases of our wedding.  In this final section we get to the good stuff: the pictures in the mountains and the PARRRRRTAAAAAAY! I am not really going to comment on these pictures (shocking, I know), because I just think that they speak for themselves.  I look at these and know that without a doubt it was the best day of my life. So enjoy and again, don't be a turd... if you use them, give credit where credit is due.

treana_lawren_wedding-295 treana_lawren_wedding-312 treana_lawren_wedding-316 treana_lawren_wedding-337treana_lawren_wedding-502 treana_lawren_wedding-348treana_lawren_wedding-372treana_lawren_wedding-378treana_lawren_wedding-391wedding pic 1 treana_lawren_wedding-509 treana_lawren_wedding-512 treana_lawren_wedding-513 treana_lawren_wedding-518 treana_lawren_wedding-532 treana_lawren_wedding-537 treana_lawren_wedding-542 treana_lawren_wedding-504 treana_lawren_wedding-511


treana_lawren_wedding-426 treana_lawren_wedding-429 treana_lawren_wedding-432 treana_lawren_wedding-435 treana_lawren_wedding-437 treana_lawren_wedding-439 treana_lawren_wedding-442

treana_lawren_wedding-454 treana_lawren_wedding-457 treana_lawren_wedding-464 treana_lawren_wedding-466 treana_lawren_wedding-467 treana_lawren_wedding-515 treana_lawren_wedding-538 treana_lawren_wedding-556 treana_lawren_wedding-582 treana_lawren_wedding-589 treana_lawren_wedding-604 treana_lawren_wedding-605 treana_lawren_wedding-611 treana_lawren_wedding-613 treana_lawren_wedding-614 treana_lawren_wedding-617 treana_lawren_wedding-618 treana_lawren_wedding-619 treana_lawren_wedding-621 treana_lawren_wedding-622 treana_lawren_wedding-631 treana_lawren_wedding-633